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Thank you for visiting the Professional Radiologic Technologists of Alaska.

We are an active organization that focuses on maintaining and improving the radiologic professions in Alaska.   We also work to ensure the highest standards of care provided to the populations we serve.

This website serves as the hub for news, information and conference events for Alaska’s radiologic technologists.  Take a few minutes to look around.  If you are a radiologic professional or radiologic student and not yet a member of our society, consider joining us today.

About Us

We are the one and only professional organization for medical imaging professionals (MIP) in Alaska.

We are a proud affiliate society of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Our board and active members represent educational and various specialties throughout Alaska. 

Our Goals

Our purpose is to advance the professions of radiation and imaging disciplines/specialties through maintaining high standards of education, patient care and to further the welfare of radiologic technologists.

Join Us

We provide venues for continuing education, scholarships and problem solving.  We also share resources for those who value ensuring that radiation of human subjects is used safely.

If you are not a member, consider adding voice and talents to improve and strengthen the organization and your own profession.

AKSRT 2019 Student Scholarship recipient
AKSRT Scholarship Award

Ciera Parker


​I have always had a passion for the medical field because I have quite a bit of family in the medical field. My mother has been a sonographer for many years, so I have grown up learning about the ultrasound world and have fallen in love with it. She has always been a huge role model to me and I am so excited to follow in her footsteps. I took as many anatomy and physiology classes that I could throughout high school and college and became more and more interested in getting into the medical field. I got my bachelor’s in psychology from Boise State University and wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there. I took some time after graduation and job shadowed with nurses, physicians’ assistants, and sonographers. I learned a lot from everyone that I shadowed but I knew when I was with a sonographer, that this was what I wanted to do. I loved the idea that this was a diagnostic field that does not have radiation. The technologist I was with was extremely knowledgeable and I appreciated that she also had a passion for her work.
My goals are to become a registered ultrasound technologist and get as many certifications as I can after graduating. After this program, I will be able to test for general sonography, abdominal sonography, vascular sonography, and obstetrical and gynecological certifications which I plan to take as soon as I can as long as I feel ready. I would love to further my learning and get the education to become certified in adult and fetal echocardiography, pediatrics and musculoskeletal sonography. I feel that having many certifications will make me a well-rounded ultrasound technologist and very employable. I would love to work with kids someday as well. I think it is extremely important to be a positive part of a child’s experience in a clinic or hospital setting and I think I could do that well. After I have graduated, I would love to have some type of educational experience for them to learn about careers in the medical field, so they can share my passion and help people in their future.

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