AKSRT Membership

Why AKSRT Membership?

You have probably heard “There is power in numbers.”

It is a timeless statement that is especially true when you need to accomplish a task or goal.  The more hands available, the more work that can be done and sooner.

There is also the power that comes from association.  A collective group, especially if it is large, simply has more of a presence than just one or two people standing off to the side.

We are a group of professionals that are working hard to ensure that meaningful standards of care, certification, and licensure are recognized and maintained in Alaska.  We do so through education, public relations, and making our voice heard at our state legislature.

Ensuring the highest standard of care to our patients is our number one goal.

Ensuring that radiologic professions remain credible and trusted is our other goal.

If you share these goals and want to become part of a professional organization that is working hard to promote these goals, become a member of the AKSRT today.

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